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3 in 1 Dog Water Bottle

3 in 1 Dog Water Bottle

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This 3-in-1 Dog Water Bottle is your all-in-one solution for keeping your pup hydrated and happy on the go. It features a built-in water dispenser, a compartment for treats, and even a waste bag dispenser – everything you need for stress-free walks and adventures!

  • 3-in-1 Convenience
  • Hydration on the Go
  • Dual Feeding Options
  • Touchless Waste Removal
  • All-in-one Design
  • Promotes Pet Health


Introducing the Pup Cup dog water bottle, a revolutionary 3-in-1 solution designed to make life easier for active pet owners everywhere. This innovative product serves as a water bottle, feeder, and waste scooper all in one, ensuring that your furry friend stays happy, healthy, and hydrated on the go.

With this 3 in 1 water bottle, pet owners can embark on more adventures with their pups without worrying about hydration or hunger. Its clever all-in-one design eliminates the need for multiple accessories, streamlining your packing process and reducing clutter in your bag or car. Whether you're hiking, traveling, or simply out for a stroll, the Pup Cup™ ensures that your pet's essential needs are always within reach.

Hydration is crucial for a pet's well-being, especially during outdoor activities. This Portable Dog Water Bottle helps prevent dehydration-related illnesses such as kidney failure, unconsciousness, and even death by providing a convenient way to keep your pup hydrated on the go. With its 400mL capacity, the bottle holds enough water to meet your pet's daily hydration needs, ensuring they stay healthy and happy wherever your adventures take you.

In addition to keeping your pet hydrated, the Doggy Water Bottle also addresses their nutritional needs with its internal food holder and bowl feature. Whether your pup needs a quick snack or a full meal while on the go, you can easily dispense food from the integrated holder or pour it into the bowl for convenient feeding anywhere, anytime.

One of the most innovative features of this Dog Water Bottle is its touchless waste removal system, which helps maintain your pet's hygiene and health while on the go. Simply detach the shovel from the cup, attach a waste bag, and scoop up waste with ease. This eliminates the need for direct contact with waste, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses that can jeopardize your pup's health.

Generally, this portable water bottle for dogs is a game-changer for active pet owners, offering convenience, functionality, and peace of mind during outdoor adventures with your furry companion. With its all-in-one design and thoughtful features, it's the perfect companion for pet owners who love to explore the great outdoors with their four-legged friends.


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